Smart Books Shelfs in a Smart Home (IFA 2012)

One big topic on IFA 2012 is the so called Smart Home.

Network of different electronic devices and sensors, which are are permanent or temporary in the home as a platform which provides assisting services to the user of the space


For reading the book shelf is the central device to organize everything. If you merge  digital and analog reading many different devices and möbel can be used and offer new solutions and services to the reader.

How ist the Status Quo?

What is a book shelf in the analog home:

  • A Place to Store your analog Books
  • An Object to represent your Personality and the Reading Life in your living space
  • A tool to order and Structure your Books and your Reading Life

How is this functionality applied on digital books?

  • The files are store on the reading device and/or your book shop account
  • Basic Fuctionality to bring structure in your reading live are implemented on your device and on your ebook shop account (e.g. amazon wishlist)
  • For Representation of your personality and reading life we mainly use Facebook and other social media, There is definitly a lack of physical Representation of your Reading Life in your living space.

How could a connection between print and digital books look like in a smart home?

Via RFID a smart bookshelf could track your printed reading objects (your digital reading are already known to your ereader) to bring information about digital and analog reading objects together in one database which would be the fundament for an smart tool to organize your reading life. The other way to get your analog books in the database is a barcode scanner on your smart phone.

The you use your Smart TV or other multitouch displays in the house for organization processes around your reading life (Shopping, Tagging, Wish Lists, Social Media Integration, Reading Statistics) Digital image frames can be used to display the covers of the books you read. If you have books with audio you can use your home entertainment system.

If analog Books enter certain spaces in the house they could be tagged automatically. For example if you put the books on the small table near your bed, they automaticall appear at the „Books I read at the moment“-list. If you want to get rid of analog books you could transfer the metadata from the database to your marketplace.


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